Banking--Your Financial Partner

To have a successful life you need a financial partner. Cash carries no strings, but unfortunately cash won’t buy you everything so you NEED credit.  Credit helps you extend the money you earn. Your bank or credit union helps you organize your money and use it wisely. Yes, you can get into trouble at a bank or credit union just as you can get into trouble by yourself! Meet with a counselor or come to a class to get a better handle on money. 

It is also an essential financial building block. It helps you develop a relationship with your bank, credit union or other financial institution. That relationship can help you get more of the things you want in the future. 


  • How to choose a financial institution
  • Set up accounts to fit your needs
  • Use and reconcile your account
  • Use online services
  • Keep your account safe
  • Be responsible 

This course is for personal educational purposes only. It will not meet the requirements for a certificate as required by governmental agencies or financial institutions.