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The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is a national nonprofit network of more than 1,300 locations that provides money management education, confidential budget, credit and debt counseling, and debt repayment plans for both individuals and families. As a member agency, the CCCS of Northeastern Iowa Web site is directed at providing interested parties with accurate information and direction in their attempts to obtain competent financial counseling.


It is not the intention of NFCC, through this Web site, to secretly collect the private information of consumers. If during your visit to this site, you request information by providing your e-mail address, that information will be used solely for the purpose of responding to you with the requested information. If you visit our site to read or download information that may be useful to you, this notice provides assurances to you that the information collected may include the domain through which you access the Internet, in other words the ISP (Internet Service Provider) you have chosen to use. We may note the time and date of your contact and the Internet Web site that linked you to our site. The information thus collected is used to count visits to this page and to the various other pages contained within the site. Some areas of the Web site utilize browser cookies. These cookies are used for enhancing the usability of the Web site. You have the option of disabling cookies in your browser’s preferences/options area (refer to your browsers help system for further explanation).

Further note that NFCC and CCCS of Northeastern Iowa, Inc., do not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease any personal information collected at this site, including membership forms or e-mail lists. All personal information is used solely by NFCC or its member agencies where directed by the consumer.


You must make the affirmative choice to provide us with your personal address information in order for us to fulfill a request. Welcome and please enjoy this Web site during your visit here. You are assured that the personal information provided to us will be protected.


NFCC and its member agencies are conscious of the security concerns of its consumers. We are continually implementing and researching the best security options available for protecting our data internally and over the Internet. In accordance with our standard security policy, information is not transferred to any third parties. Therefore, the security of your personal information is solely protected by CCCS of Northeastern Iowa, Inc. Further, only authorized staff members have access to specific areas of consumer information.

Data Quality

All information submitted to CCCS of Northeastern Iowa, Inc., is transmitted via industry standard methods of data collection and transmittal. Our data storage devices are designed to accurately and safely store your data, thereby substantially minimizing the possibility of data corruption.

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