Meet the Staff


Karen has served as Agency Executive Director since founding CCCS is 1984. She is a certified credit and debt counselor and has written the agency manual Renting Today, based on her landlord/tenant experience. Karen ensures that counselors are educated and updated on credit and debt rules and changes, housing programs and changes and bankruptcy rules and regulations. As Executive Director she works to make sure the agency adheres to all Council on Accreditation rules updated as needed. Client needs come first and Karen works with counselors to make sure this remains the guiding rule.

Gail serves as Waterloo Branch Manager and Accounts Manager. She, along with Karen and Lou Porter, incorporated Consumer Credit in 1984. Gail manages the trust account, provides quality assurance for all new accounts and reviews all accounts regularly to ensure accuracy. She works with the auditors to provide accuracy of trust account and client accounts, which are reviewed by Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Division of Banking, Dept of Justice, National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Council on Accreditation, credit grantors, independent auditors and various governmental agencies.

Tami began with CCCS is 2002. She worked as a bookkeeper for many years and finds the client and creditor accounts challenging. Tami works with Gail to assure accurate Debt Management and Bill Paying Accounts, proper accounting of moneys received for creditors, payments to creditors and bank reconciliations. She assists governmental and creditor auditors. She also provides clients with accurate and up-to-date records of debt reduction. Tami serves as receptionist and customer service representative.

Lindsey joined CCCS is 2006 following her graduation from the University of Northern Iowa where she earned a degree in family services. Lindsey became certified in credit and debt counseling through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling certification program. After completing special education on housing issues she became certified by HUD to counsel clients who were suffering housing problems. Later, under the new Bankruptcy Law, Lindsey became certified to counsel bankruptcy clients under the Department of Justice rules. She meets with client families, learns of their problems, addresses their concerns and helps them reach conclusions on the best course of action. Clients contact her by phone, internet or in person.

Ron, a retired accountant with a marketing degree, has been assisting with bank reconciliation, review of equipment and purchases and providing other services as needed.


Mark, our Dubuque Branch Manager, holds a master’s degree and has been employed at several local businesses. He started with CCCS is 2005 and became credit and debt certified through the NFCC counseling program. Later he became certified through the Housing and Urban Development program (HUD) and was the counselor in our organization to provide the first Pre-Filing Bankruptcy counseling session in 2005. Mark is certified under the Department of Justice rules. In addition to providing one-on-one and phone counseling, Mark provides classes to Dubuque area high school and college students and the general public. He has been serving as Branch Manager for many years.