Money & Faith in Motion

Money & Faith in Motion is a basic financial literacy program developed by the American Center for Credit Education.

Money & Faith in Motion is a practical, easy to understand guide to managing your money, credit and debt. You’ll learn how biblical principles can empower you to get your finances back on track. Scripture passages and hands-on activities will show you how money and faith work together.

Money & Faith in Motion encourages responsibility and generosity. Financial stress takes a toll on physical and emotional health and is a leading contributor to divorce. It defines skills people need to improve their financial lives. Thoughtful scripture studies are in each chapter.

The chapters in Money & Faith in Motion include:
   1.  Finding Financial Freedom
   2.  Planning for Financial Freedom
   3.  Developing a Budget to Reach Your Goals
   4.  Financial Tools to Help You Manage Your Money
   5.  Using Credit Wisely
   6.  Your Credit Score – A Number to Know
   7.  Learning about Contracts
   8.  Consumer Laws to Protect You
   9.  What to Do When Things Go Wrong
 10.  Re-establishing Your Credit

Consumer Credit Counseling Service offers this course online for your convenience. To take this course online, please click the button to fill out the registration form.

This course is for personal educational purposes only. It will not meet the requirements for a certificate as required by governmental agencies or financial institutions.