Renting Today

Many people come to Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern Iowa with questions about rental housing. That’s why we’ve created this course, so you can understand all aspects of landlord/tenant issues. We cut through the legal language and explain things in easy to understand terms. 

What are your rights and responsibilities as a tenant? What does a landlord expect of you? What are the landlord’s responsibilities to you? Learn how to rent successfully in Renting Today.

Your rental history is important as you prepare to move to a more expensive rental property or buy your first home. Your rental contract is actually your first credit effort. Don’t blow it!!

Our Executive Director, Karen Atwood, uses her 45+ years of experience as a landlord and past experience as officer in Landlords of Iowa and Black Hawk County to teach this class.  You can also request this Renting Today seminar for your agency, business or community organization.