Here are the programs and services we offer:

One of our certified credit counselors will conduct a confidential session with you to go over your spending plan and develop an action plan to meet your financial goals. You may meet one on one with a counselor or the appointment can be conducted via the telephone. Use our on-line application.

A debt management plan helps you pay your creditors on time, avoid late fees, improve your credit score, and climb out of debt.  You deposit a specific amount of money with CCCS of Northeastern Iowa. This pays your creditors and the cost of service. You will receive our credit education book and decide how to complete the course. The counselor walks you through the paperwork and then contacts creditors to start the Plan. Now you are on the road to debt recovery and better money management.

Knowing what is in your credit report is important, as many lenders and businesses use it to decide if they want to do business with you.  Even employers are checking credit files to make hiring, firing and promotion decisions. Whether it is a single Equifax credit report or a tri-merge credit reports from all three bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union), let one of our experienced certified credit counselors help you understand what your credit report is telling others about you.  Call to schedule a credit report review with one of our counselors.

Under a bill paying account, we pay more than your credit card debt. You deposit your paychecks and receive weekly payments. We help you learn how to manage money more effectively. A counselor will give you more specifics when you visit.

Loss of hours or a job may be causing you to be late with rent or house payments. Stop in to meet with a counselor to learn your options, Save yourself an eviction ruling by changing residences the right way. Get help before it is too late. Our counselors are HUD-certified and trained in rental rules. The biggest mistake you can make is not communicating. 

Here are 3 warning signs you could be facing foreclosure:

1) You missed this month’s mortgage payment.

2) You can no longer pay all regular bills and credit cards.

3) Your lender or landlord is calling for money. 

Both Landlords and Mortgagees need their money. Both are usually willing to work payments out.


CCCS provides pre-purchase counseling and education classes.  This counseling and education helps first-time or seasoned buyers to understand the home buying process. The best thing for you to do is get all the information and education available before buying a house. It is, most likely, the largest purchase you will ever make!

There are times when problems cause one to lose his financial way and bankruptcy becomes the best option so you can move forward. Bankruptcy should always be the last resort when you cannot re-pay your debt. Bankruptcy affects your credit records for ten years. Now that can be handled if the bankruptcy was caused by extreme medical bills and/or job losses or reduction in hours or even divorce and family changes. It is not fair to creditors to keep tell them you will pay when you can’t or keep avoiding their collection efforts. You are better off to file bankruptcy and be done with the debt then to play games. One tip: If you are in the midst of medical testing, treatments, surgeries, you should wait until this is all completed before filing bankruptcy. When you file be sure to include all your debt, not just most. Before you file you will have a counseling with an attorney, then pre-filing bankruptcy counseling at our office and six months after filing but before the discharge, you will attend a bankruptcy education program. Your CCCS counselor will help you with some of the steps and work with your attorney to meet the deadlines.


Many of our services are provided free of charge or at low cost. To help those less fortunate, you may make a donation by clicking the button above.