Start Right: Build Your Own Business

Do you want to own a “piece of the rock” by owning your own business? Start Right: Build Your Own Business is a curriculum developed by the American Center for Credit Education to help people starting businesses or jump-starting their existing businesses.

There is never a guarantee that your business adventure will be successful but you will increase those odds if you are prepared. Building your business takes time and hard work. There may be many turns along the way. The journey will test your patience, endurance and your ability to manage your money both at home and at your place of business.

Start Right: Build Your Own Business will help guide you through all the steps of starting up your business correctly. Applying what you learn in this book can save you from many mistakes that result from not knowing what you need to do to start a successful business. Included are stories about real people who learned some hard lessons about what it takes to run a business – and how they stayed in business or why had to close their doors. 

Consumer Credit Counseling Service offers this course online for your convenience. To take this course online, please click the button to fill out the registration form.

This course is for personal educational purposes only. It will not meet the requirements for a certificate as required by governmental agencies or financial institutions.